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Why Switch to Pleated Air Filters?

Posted by Edge Supply on Apr 9, 2019, 7:40:27 AM

If you want to provide the best protection for HVAC systems and have cleaner air for your residents to pleated-air-filters_headerbreathe, your first thought may be to install a filter with a higher MERV rating. However, when it comes to flat panel filters, higher MERV ratings often mean restricted airflow and higher energy consumption. Your property can have both better particle control and good airflow by installing pleated air filters.

Air filter selection, installation, and maintenance are essential to operating a facility effectively and efficiently. The use of fiberglass filters could be costing you time and money. Upgrading to pleated filters in your HVAC systems will improve indoor air quality and facility optimization.

What is a pleated air filter?

Pleated air filters use folds to increase the surface area of the filter without having a big impact on airflow. As a result, pleated filters trap more particles from the air than flat panel filters without significantly increasing your air conditioners energy consumption.

Pleated air filters come in a variety of MERV ratings and sizes. Shop pleated filters here.

What are the benefits of pleated air filters?

Removes more particles than standard filters

Because pleated filters have more surface area than standard throwaway filters, the particles in the air have a better chance at getting trapped by pleated filters. Throwaway filters have MERV ratings between 1-8, but pleated filters are available with MERV ratings as high as 15. If you're looking to provide excellent protection for your properties HVAC systems and limit the amount of allergens and particles in the air, pleated filters are the right choice.

No big impact on system airflow

The increased surface area provided from the pleats allows a less restricted airflow, making them an energy-efficient alternative to flat filters that have high MERV ratings which tend to block airflow to systems.

No alterations to ductwork

Most pleated filters do not require any alterations to ductwork to be installed. Simply slide them right where you would slide a standard flat filter. For this reason, pleated filters are often the best air filtration option as an alternative to air cleaners or air purifiers.

Longer lasting

Because there is more area for particles and dust to build up on a pleated filter, they don't need to be changed as often as standard flat filters. Most throwaway filters need to be replaced once a month, whereas pleated filters typically last between 60 and 90 days - saving you money.

Why does filtration performance matter?

With so many filter options with variables on quality, material, and price, it's common for property staff to base their decision on price alone. While inexpensive fiberglass filters may seem like a budget-smart idea, it may not be the best choice in the long run.

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