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Trending Multifamily Renovation Time Savers

Posted by Edge Supply on Jul 22, 2019 9:09:00 AM

Demand for multifamily housing has grown in recent years. With half of existing U.S. apartment properties being more than 30 years old, many units may require updates to attract and retain residents. Thankfully, many popular in-unit renovations now come in time-saving options to get units looking great with minimal downtime.

Modular Carpet Planks

While many residents prefer hardwood floors, they’re expensive and take longer to install and refinish than carpet renovations. Carpet offers sound-absorbing and temperature retention benefits. However, the downside to traditional rolled carpet is that refreshing the look likely means replacing the entire floor.

Modular carpet planks are the solution. These smaller pieces of carpet install easily over solid flooring to keep floors in top shape while minimizing repair time and cost. Today’s modular carpets come in a variety of styles and colors that offer greater appeal for residential spaces.

This versatile alternative to carpet rolls is also removable for easy cleaning, allowing you to add longevity to unit floors by only changing the worn or stained tiles. Save time and money with this smart carpet solution.

Self-Adhesive Wall Tiles and Backsplashes

Self-adhesive wall tiles and backsplashes install faster than traditional tiles, keeping your property on-trend at an affordable cost. Update your units more frequently with these easy-to-install-and-replace tiles.

Self-adhesive tiles install quickly because they don’t require the grout used with traditional ceramic tiles and they are made from a lightweight material. Many are available in waterproof and heat-resistant varieties, with two popular options being foam-backed vinyl and metal-surfaced plastic.

These wall tiles work well in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, mudrooms and laundry areas. In fact, kitchen and bathroom renovations add value and increase rents. Modernize your kitchen and bathroom renovations with self-adhesive tiles that allow you to save the bulk of your budget for smart technology and efficient appliances and fixtures.

Quick-Install Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans are the most effective type of circulating fan to help save on energy usage? Moreover, using a ceiling fan allows you to lower the thermostat temperature setting by four degrees without sacrificing comfort.

Ceiling fan installation used to be complex, but quick-install fans now allow for easy ceiling fan installation. Like other design elements, ceiling fans now come in a selection of finishes and styles for indoor and outdoor use. Quick-install fans remove the worry associated with selecting a style that lasts forever. Properties can stay on-trend without the time-consuming installation.

Easy-Install Faucets

Leaky faucets waste water, increase utility costs and lead to other damage like mold growth and rot. In fact, one leaky faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year. Replace leaky faucets with easy-install faucets for a quick solution.

These faucets allow for top-of-the-sink installation, which means under-the-cabinet mounts aren’t necessary. They come in current styles and finishes to make kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry rooms look great and work well. Add value to units while saving money on utility costs with this fast and affordable upgrade.

All-in-One Toilets

Residential toilets come in two basic types: one-piece and two-piece. The traditional two-piece toilet takes more time to install. Instead, upgrade units with all-in-one toilets. The benefits of one-piece toilets extend beyond easy installation. The smaller size and increased durability make one-piece toilets a great option for multifamily units.

Plus, one-piece toilets come in WaterSense®-labeled options. Toilets account for 30% of indoor water usage, making high-efficiency models a solid option to save money on utility costs. Benefit from better efficiency and easier installation by incorporating all-in-one toilets into a renovation plan.

Stay On-Trend and Save Time

Renovations increase resident appeal, improve property values and create a competitive advantage. It’s important to minimize downtime and maximize the renovation budget. These trending, time-saving options help property managers and owners do both.

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