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Guide to Replacing Door Hardware

Posted by Edge Supply on Jul 1, 2019 10:20:33 AM

Are you spending too much time worrying about how to replace locks, knobs, and other door hardware? We've eliminated the guesswork for you with the products that are best suited for your property, so you can be confident that your projects will be hassle-free.

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Use Lighting to Transition Your Property and Budget

Posted by Edge Supply on May 23, 2019 9:31:00 AM

Lighting can dramatically change the look, feel and function of a space. In fact, multifamily properties that effectively use lighting can modernize, save energy, reduce costs and drive resident attraction. Lighting is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can positively influence revenue by 9%. Residents now expect properties to incorporate smart and current lighting to create inviting and environmentally conscious homes.

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Time Saving Turn Tips

Posted by Edge Supply on May 21, 2019 8:34:00 AM

Quick Turns Get New Residents In Sooner

Getting empty units cleaned, repaired, and refreshed as quickly as possible helps you get new residents in faster and can reduce the loss of rent revenue.

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Bathroom Renovations: Small Change, Big Impact

Posted by Edge Supply on May 9, 2019 8:32:00 AM

A hot trend in multifamily housing is incorporating hotel-level amenities. People spend significant time in the bathroom, which makes bathroom improvements desirable for residents. With a high return on investment, multifamily housing bathroom renovations are a goldmine for property owners. Upgrade bathrooms with hotel-inspired designs to appeal to modern residents.

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Understanding How Millennials Rent

Posted by Edge Supply on May 2, 2019 8:50:01 AM

On pace to account for more than one third of the adult population by 2020, millennials stand as the single largest group of applicants looking for places to live. This makes them the greatest potential pool of renters currently on the market.

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5 Renovations for Quick ROI for Multi-Family Properties

Posted by Edge Supply on Apr 11, 2019 8:28:00 AM

There are a lot of factors impacting the cost of rent - building age, location, tenant profiles, and surrounding competition are all outside of your control. What you can control is the improvements that will create a more enjoyable experience for residents. Returns on upgrades vary from property to property, but it is always in your best interest to make incremental improvements every year.

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Topics: Property Management, Investments

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